About Me

I’m a twenty-something new Mama with a passion for my husband (Mr. Nest) and my son (Tot), my weimaraner (Balou),  great food, sunshine, the outdoors, a good post-workout endorphin high, my bicycle, rollerblades, farmer’s markets, and best friends. I’m currently struggling to balance motherhood with working full-time, staying healthy and keeping up with other things that bring me joy.

Some topics you’ll find me writing about:

  • Weekly Menu Plans
  • Workouts
  • Post-baby slimdown updates
  • Recipes, Recipe Reviews
  • Restaurant Reviews
  • Life in general
  • The environment/outdoors
  • Being a Mom

And because I get to be a shamelessly proud Mama:


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Cindy/Dan says:

    Hi Mrs. Nest,
    I just reviewed your website and loved the recipes. they look interesting! Our weekly meals do not look anything like this.
    I thought that your comments were interesting and fun too. Keep up the blog!

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